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Who Are AOON? and What is their goal?

Aoon is a growing e-commerce platform that provides clothing focused on individuality and creativity. It is a creatives clothing platform, for creatives by creatives. Creates original designs, and one of a kind products to match your individuality.
The store will provide apparel and clothing to the public and our supporters.
The stores inventory will be updated daily with items. To keep the one of kind ideology, everyone apparel seen on the store will only contain 100 in inventory. Meaning when you purchased one of our one of kind graphic tees, you can rest assured, you are 1 of 100 with it.
Why is this needed?
We live in a world where persons aren't sure of themselves. Everyone is loosing themselves, loosing what makes them unique. What a better way to stop this way of living than to create products that is against this.
Aoon is committed to growth, development and being diverse in the e-commerce to provide a better service to its supporters.
Remember to Aoon (Own) what you do, Aoon (Own) your individuality.

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